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Welcome Tutor connects Tutor Students GloballyICWA-Tutorials | Total Views 37 The main motto of the Welcome Tutor Portal is to establish connections among students, Tutors, and institutions without any penny. Here, Students can find Tutors and Institution, or vice versa among 20 Countries, and 500+ places. So just register yourself, and enjoy searching for your tutor/tutoring jobs. Manhattan Review GMAT-Tutorials | Total Views 268 Manhattan Review - GRE Test Prep Chennai-Adyar and T Nagar Manhattan Review’s experts have been training and guiding student and helping them achieve great scores on the GMAT Test, GRE Exam, SAT Prep, IELTS Score, TOEFL Score, PTE Exam and thus getting them closer to the goal of getting into their dream university abroad. Join Manhattan Review for your GMAT Test, GRE Exam, SAT Prep, IELTS Score, TOEFL Score, PTE Exam preparation classes in Chennai your assured of quality help and guidance at all times. GYAN BINDU ACADEMY PVT LTDIELTS-Tutorials | Total Views 176 Welcome to the GYAN BINDU ACADEMY PVT. LTD. Graduate and Post Graduate Career Services Office (GBA). Gyan Bindu Academy has produced very fruitful results in the last 8 years and has made its presence felt throughout India. It has reached at the top in India by making more students successful in NET Life Sciences entrance exams. The GBA offers services and programs throughout a students academic career and is equipped to work with them at every stage: ? IIT JAM BIOTECHNOLOGY Life Sciences Entrance Exam; ? IIT - JAM Biotechnology Coaching, iit jam Biotech Coaching, IIT Biotech Entrance Coaching, IIT Biotech Entrance Exam Coaching; ? Coaching for GATE (Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Zoology, Botany, Plant Sciences, Bioinformatics); ? Coaching for GATE M. Sc. Biotechnology and B. Tech. Biotechnology; ? Coaching JNU, ICMR, DBT, BHU, DU, AIIMS, ICGEB, NIPGR etc.; ? Coaching for Life Science, IISc Bangalore. ? JNU Biotech Exam, AIIMS Biotech, Biochemistry, Microbiology Exams, IIT Biotech Exam, Biological Sciences Entrance Examination, Life Sciences Entrance Examination; ? JNU - Life Sciences Examination, Biochemistry Entrance Examination, M.Sc Biotech Entrance Coaching, GATE - Life Sciences; ? IIT-JAM COACHING - Life Sciences Coaching, GATE - Coaching, CSIR - JRF Coaching, CSIR - UGC Life Sciences, CSIR - UGC Coaching; ? ICMR – JRF, DBT – JRF Examination, UGC - NET Coaching. TutorubTutorials classes | Total Views 115 Tutorub is the Delhi’s best affordable and dedicated tutors provider company providing experienced and expert home tuitions in Delhi male and female. We have professional and degree holder teacher team for home tutor service in all over Delhi. We have branches in Paschim Vihar, Rohini , Pitampura, Janakpuri, Dwarka, Punjabi bagh, Kirti Nagar and Karol bag. We are not only providing advanced learning methodologies for school and college students but also prepared their future competitive for competition exam. We also welcome the eligible and interested home tutors how are looking for jobs or student for home tuition on desire location. So for home tutors jobs in Delhi feel free to register here and get query instantly.Calibre EducationIIT-Tutorials | Total Views 92 Calibre Education is an institute for educational, technical, professional and competitive studies. It was started in 2018 by Mr. Amar Dagar M-92,First Floor,Pratap Market, Munirka, New Delhi-110067,India. Our "high performance quality" our students have been selected in various professional courses and competitive examination due to our sincere efforts, continuous research on examination patterns, emphasis on quality teaching, memory retention techniques short tricks, test series, assignment, updated study materials, motivational tools, systematic and scientific guidance. We have established our reputation in providing consistent results in various competitive examinations.Check My TutorsTutorials classes | Total Views 59 Check My Tutors help to find best private home tutors in South Delhi and Gurgaon for all classed & Sam Tuition Center CBSE-Tutorials | Total Views 124 ENGINEERING MATHS TUTION TAKEN IN CHENNAI Subjects taken: Ø Engineering Maths( All University) Ø Mathematics-I Ø Mathematics-II Ø Transforms and Partial Differential Equation (Mathematics-III) Ø Statistics and Numerical Methods Ø Probability and Statistics Ø Probability and Random processes Ø Probability and Queueing Theory Ø Discrete Mathematics Ø Numerical Methods Rosalie Venugopal CET Tutorials | Total Views 130 Home coaching for IELTS and TOEFL full support with provided materials and mocktest for best result in exam.IB TUTOR IN DELHI IB TUTOR IN GURGAON IB PHYSICS TUTOR IN DELHI IB PHYSICS TUTOR IN GURGAONTutorials classes | Total Views 56 IB World Academy has been helping students excel in IB Math(HL,SL,Studies), Physics(HL,SL), Chemistry(HL,SL), Economics(HL,SL), and Business Management(HL,SL) by providing the right skills for success. Centrally located near Safdarjang Enclave in South Delhi, we have highly skilled and qualified teachers having over 7 years’ experience teaching different streams of IB Math, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, and Business Management. Our tutors possess B.Tech, M.Sc. (Math), B.Sc. (Math) and B.Ed. degrees. We measure our success by yours and take pride in delivering the highest quality of education service by using our experience and expertise in this field. We tutor students from Grades 7-12. Our students are from Pathways World School, GD Goenka World School, Shri Ram School, and American Embassy School, Lancers International School, Scottish High School, and other reputed IB schools in Delhi and Gurgaon. We have tutors with many years experience teaching International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, IGCSE. We provide one-to-one customized sessions between the tutor & student. We?re reputed for our outstanding results and proven success year after year. IB World Academy is a leading exam preparation institute in Delhi and specializes in preparing students for GMAT, GRE, SAT, SSAT and LSAT exams. IB World Academy has special programs for achievers, talented and mature students. Our unique approach allows us to work with each student and help us improve their overall score. We help students learn their subjects quickly and in a smarter way. IB World Academy is open 7 days/week from 8am - 10pm and the tutoring sessions with the instructor can be scheduled at your convenience. Our extensive experience with the curriculum and unique teaching methods allows students to improve confidence, develop higher self-esteem, remove academic frustrations and achieve better grades. We ensure that each student achieves academic success which helps them well beyond their years in school by preparing them for future challenges and opportunities Best ORACLE DBA 11G TRAINING INSTITUTE with 100 placement assuranceEcare Technologies MarathahallTutorials classes | Total Views 31 Oracle 11g SQL Course Contents Chapter 1 - Retrieving Data Using the SQL SELECT Statement o The SELECT Statement o The SELECT and FROM Clauses o Conditions and the WHERE Clause o Other Conditional Operators o Logical Operators Chapter 2 - Restricting and Sorting Data o The ORDER BY Clause o Column Aliases o Arithmetic Expressions o Precedence of Operators Chapter 3 - Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output o Function Types o Using Table dual to try out Functions o Numeric Functions o Character Functions o String Concatenation o Date Arithmetic and Date Functions Chapter 4 - Using Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions o Conversion Functions o NVL and NVL2 o DECODE o CASE Expressions o COALESCE and NULLIF Chapter 5 - Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions o SUM() o COUNT() o MIN() o MAX() o AVG() Chapter 6 - Displaying Data from Multiple Tables o Overview of Table Joins o Inner Joins o Table Aliases o Outer Joins o Self Joins o ANSI Standard Joins Chapter 7 - Using Sub queries to Solve Queries o Overview of Subqueries o Simple Subqueries o Complex Subqueries o Subquery Rules o Using the ANY, ALL and IN Operators Chapter 8 - Using the Set Operators o UNION ,UNION ALL,INTERSECT and MINUS Chapter 9 - Manipulating Data o Inserting Rows o Updating Rows o Deleting Rows o Verifying Updates o Transaction Control o Commit and Rollback o Save points o Commits and Constraints o Amending Data in SQL Developer Chapter 10 - Using DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables o Creating Tables o Specifying Constraints o Altering Tables, Columns and Constraints o Dropping Tables, Columns and Constraints o Copying Tables o Data dictionary Chapter 11 - Creating Other Schema Objects o Creating Indexes o Dropping Indexes o Listing Indexes o Creating and Using Views o Dropping Views o Listing Views o Create a Sequence o View Sequence Details o Create a Synonym o List Synonyms Oracle 11g PL/SQL Course Content: Introduction to PL/SQL • What is PL/SQL • PL/SQL Environment • Benefits of PL/SQL • Overview of the Types of PL/SQL blocks • Create and Execute a Simple Anonymous Block • Generate Output from a PL/SQL Block Declaring PL/SQL Identifiers • Identify the Different Types of Identifiers in a PL/SQL subprogram • Use the Declarative Section to Define Identifiers • List the Uses for Variables • Store Data in Variables • Declare PL/SQL Variables Writing Executable Statements • Describe Basic Block Syntax Guidelines • Use Literals in PL/SQL • Customize Identifier Assignments with SQL Functions • Use Nested Blocks as Statements • Reference an Identifier Value in a Nested Block • Qualify an Identifier with a Label • Use Operators in PL/SQL • Use Proper PL/SQL Block Syntax and Guidelines Interacting with the Oracle Server • Identify the SQL Statements You Can Use in PL/SQL • Include SELECT Statements in PL/SQL • Retrieve Data in PL/SQL with the SELECT Statement • Avoid Errors by Using Naming Conventions When Using Retrieval and DML Statements • Manipulate Data in the Server Using PL/SQL • The SQL Cursor concept • Use SQL Cursor Attributes to Obtain Feedback on DML • Save and Discard Transactions Writing Control Structures • Control PL/SQL Flow of Execution • Conditional processing Using IF Statements • Conditional Processing CASE Statements • Handle Nulls to Avoid Common Mistakes • Build Boolean Conditions with Logical Operators • Use Iterative Control with Looping Statements Working with Composite Data Types • Learn the Composite Data Types of PL/SQL Records and Tables • Use PL/SQL Records to Hold Multiple Values of Different Types • Inserting and Updating with PL/SQL Records • Use INDEX BY Tables to Hold Multiple Values of the Same Data Type Using Explicit Cursors • Cursor FOR Loops Using Sub-queries • Increase the Flexibility of Cursors By Using Parameters • Use the FOR UPDATE Clause to Lock Rows • Use the WHERE CURRENT Clause to Reference the Current Row • Use Explicit Cursors to Process Rows • Explicit Cursor Attributes • Cursors and Records Handling Exceptions • Handling Exceptions with PL/SQL • Predefined Exceptions • Trapping Non-predefined Oracle Server Errors • Functions that Return Information on Encountered Exceptions • Trapping User-Defined Exceptions • Propagate Exceptions • Use The RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR Procedure To Report Errors To Applications Creating Stored Procedures and Functions • Differences Between Anonymous Blocks and Subprograms • Creating and invoking Procedure • Creating and invoking Functions • Passing Parameter to the Function Packages • What are packages • Advantages of packages • Examples on packages Triggers • What are triggers? • Types of triggers. • Advantages of triggers. • e-Care technologies The Director No-24, 1st Floor, 2nd Main Cross Road, Vinayaka Layout, Near Multiplex, Munnekolala OPP: SGR Dental College Marthahalli, Bangalore - 37. • Contact no: +91 9845642721, 9844752189

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