Automatic Water Level Controller Cum Indicator


Automatic Water Level Controller Cum Indicator Save Water, Protects Motor And Reduces Electricity Bill New Box pic with 1 year warranty . Features: Show clear indication of water levels in the over head tank and sump tank Has an easy operate able AUTO MANUAL feather switch Green indicates AUTO Mode, Orange indicates dry running of motor Soft touch 'NEED' in case to switch on the motor irrespective of any level in the overhead tank Soft touch 'SILENCE' for silencing alarm Blinking green light indicates liquid flow to overhead tank Red indication with beeping sound for over flowing of water from over head tank Side leap switch enables to power on and off Direct on for motor When there is a voltage fluctuation When the motor is dry running due to footvalve blockage or priming fault in motor When water overflows from the overhead tank at 'MANUAL' Mode>

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