SAS training institutes in Hyderabad

26 Mar 2018 to 18 Jul 2018

SAS ( Statistical Analysis Software ) Modules: SAS Clinical,SAS Finance,SAS BI SAS Advanced analytics ,Basic Content for SAS-Clinical, Finance, Advanced Analytics, BI: SAS Fundamentals: Getting Started with SAS Working with SAS syntax Getting Familiar with SAS dataset Reading SAS datasets Reading SAS datasets Reading Excel worksheets Reading Delimited Raw data files Validating and cleaning data Manipulating data Combining SAS Datasets Enhancing Report (ODS systems) Summary Reports Controlling Input and Output Summarizing Data Reading Raw Data Files Data Transformations Processing Data iteratively Restructuring a Data set TRANSPOSE Procedure SQL Procedure: Introduction to SQL procedure Basic Queries Displaying Query Results Sub queries SQL Joins Set Operators Creating Tables and views Interfacing SQL with Macro Language Managing Tables Use of SQL in Clinical Trials Macro language (SAS Macro) Macro Variables Macro definitions Data Step and SQL Procedure Macro Programs Use of Macro language in Clinical Research SAS Enterprise Guide Introduction Reading Data from Files Creating Reports Working with Data in the Query Builder Joining Two Data Files Together.

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