Aakar College in KherwaraChhaoni

NH927A, Kherwara, Rajasthan 313803

57 10 Sep. 2018 KherwaraChhaoni
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Aakar college board serves both in a community advisory capacity and in a limited administrative capacity, performing certain oversight responsibilities as designated by aakar seva sansthan policy. the aakar board is comprised of members from the business and industrial communities. aakar seva sansthan board policy defines the role and responsibilities of the aakar college board. board members are selected because of their experience, ability, and dedication to deal with issues that relate to the mission of occupational education and are without contractual, employment, or personal financial investment in the college.


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Aakar CollegeNH927A, Kherwara, Rajasthan 313803+91 7405728742aakarcollege.in

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