Donjoy XACT ROM Lite


Donjoy X-Act ROM Lite Ideal Application For Immobilzation and protected range of motion associated with post-traumatic treatment protocol for ligament (ACL, PCL, LCL & MCL) surrgeries, pattela realignment, meniscal or articular cartlage repairs. Lightweight easy-to-use brace featuring durable X-ACT ROM Hinge, full circumferential foam, and an easy-to-adjust strap system. Features & Benefits Durable aluminium hinges provide precise protection and range of motion control in 10° increments Extension settings from -10° to 90° Flexion settings at -10° to 120° Easy quick lock ar 0°, 15° & 30° Universal Fit: Telescopic uprights with easy push-button system, adjustable between 46 cms - 65 cms (18''-22.5'') Sturdy D-Rings & Adjustable strapsthat can be shortene to fit avariety of patients

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