MITEC 72 Rotary Shaker machine manufacturers and suppliers in India

These shakers are broadly utilized as a part of hematology labs and blood donation centers for the cross matching, writing and blending of benefactor blood to direct VDRL tests. The offered shakers have an even plane in 0.75 inch circle at a turn pace of 130 to 180 RPM. Their 30x30 cm stage has a spring flask holder to just oblige blood containers, recepticles, flagons, slides, and so on. Our Laboratory Rotary Shaker is introduced with 1/35 H.P. Engine. Features Changeable 0-30 Minute Timer Four Rubber Section Feet Rubber Sheeting & Upturned Edges 12 Rings Brass Maker Specifications: (A) 12" X 12" (4 Flask of 250 ml) (B) 18" X 18" (16 Flask of 250 ml) (C) 24" X 24" (25 Flask of 250 ml) (D) 36" X 36 " (36 Flask of 250 ml) Salient Features Operates at 130/180 RPM (as desired) Rotates Specimens in horizontal plane in 3/4" circle Build of all steel finished with stoved enamel paint. Shaker mounted on four rubber suction feet to prevent creeping. 1/35 HP motor operates on 220/230 V AC only. Supplied with brass ring maker for 12 rings Without thermometer Adjustable 0-30 minute timer with arrangement for continuous operation (optional)

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