MITEC 73 Vortex Shaker Cyclomixer manufacturers suppliers in India


Vortex Shaker (MITEC-73) Search for Vortex Shaker Cyclomixer laboratory suppliers manufacturers in india Variable velocity mixer to require out hand mingle. little outline. Constant at high speeds because of a pretty good MS base for vibration damping. Suitable for temporary time operation(touch ability), initiated by way of pressing shaker organization or uninterrupted operation. Suitable for chronic operation with low self warming by reason of self ventilation of engine. Tradable connectors. Technical Data Type of movement Orbital Speed range 0 - 2500 RPM Operation mode Continuous operation Touch function Yes Dimensions 140 x 140 x 190 mm. Weight 2.8 Kgs Permissible ambient temperature 5 - 40 deg. Permissible relative moisture 80% Motor rating 50 Watt Speed display None Voltage 220 - 240 V Frequency 50/60 Hz

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