MITEC 887 Orbital shaker Manufacturers and Suppliers in India


MITEC - 887 Orbital shaker Machine (MIcra Make) Manufacturer & Supplier of shaker machine in Delhi mumbai assam banglore chennai Kolkata and other cities. Orbital Shaker offers features for your applications making it a versatile tool for your laboratory. The bench top orbital shaker is ideal for a variety of applications including cultivating micro organisms, production of basic chemicals, solvents and shaking separation funnels or other types of vessels. The orbital diameter of 35 mm. The triple bearing, brushless drive belt assembly is strong, stable, and quiet even with heavy loads. Shaking platform 18x18 inch, Cap, 12 flasks. Inclusive of 12 flasks, cap 250 ml Features : • Safe and easy tray fixation • Orbital diameter 35 mm • Speed 50 to 250 RPM • It can be used for a variety of applications. • Orbital Shaker is designed to operate on environmental rooms or laboratory benches for variety of operation. • Platform motion is monitored independently of motor operation for added protection. • Heavy gauge steel housing with epoxy coating AC motor with digital display. • Provides continuous operation even in temperature from 4º C to 40ºC. • AC motor with programmable drive to control the speed from 50 to 250 RPM Equipment: Brand New, MICRATECH make, model no: MITEC-887

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