IGNOU BCA MCA Coaching Training Classes from Experts

IGNOU BCA, MCA Coaching, Training Classes from Experts Cpd classes are designed for students of Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU) for 100% Result Orientation under the Guidance of Experience facilities & Software Experts.CPD Team is working with an experience of more than decades in training & development ensures & offers quality education at a reasonable fees. Key Features Modular Approach|| Experience Faculty || Unlimited Lab Timing|| Expert Guidance on your Queries || Free Demo Classes Courses an offer BCA-I FEG-02, English || ECO-01, Business Organization|| BCS-011, Computer Basics and PC software BCS-012, Mathematics || BCSL-013, Computer Basics and PC software Lab BCA-II ECO-02, Accountancy-1 || MCS-011, Problem Solving & programming || MCS-012, Computer Organization & Assembly language Programming|| MCS-015, Communication Skills || MCS-013, Discrete Mathematics|| BCSL-021, C Language Programming lab|| BCSL-022, Assembly language programming lab BCA-III MCS-021, Data & File Structure || MCS-023, Introduction To database Management System|| MCS-014, System analysis & design|| BCS-031, Programming in C++|| BCSL-032, C++ Programming Lab BCSL-033, Data & File Structure Lab || BCSL-034, DBMS Lab BCA-IV AST-01, Statistical Techniques || MCS-024, Object Oriented Technologies and java Programming BCS-041, Fundamentals of Computer Networks|| BCS-042, Introduction to Algorithm Design MCSL-016, Internet Concepts and Web Design|| BCSL-043, Java Programming Lab ||BCSL-044, Statistical Techniques Lab||BCSL-045, Algorithm Design Lab BCA-V BCS-051, Introduction to Software Engineering || BCS-052, Network Programming and Administration BCS-053, Web Programming || BCS-054, Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques || BCS-055, Business Communication || BCSL-056, Network Programming and Administration Lab || BCSL-057, Web Programming Lab|| BCSL-058, Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques Lab BCA-VI BCS-062, E-Commerce || MCS-022, Operating System Concepts and Networking Managements || BCSL-063, Operating System Concepts and Networking Managements Lab|| BCSP-064, Project MCA – I MCS-011, Problem Solving & Programming || MCS-012, Computer Organization & Assembly Language Programming|| MCS-013, Discrete Mathematics|| MCS-014, Systems Analysis & Design || MCS-015, Communication Skills|| MCSL-016, Internet Concepts and Design || MCSL-017, C & Assembly Language Programming Lab MCA – II MCS-021, Data & File Structure || MCS-022, Operating System Concepts and Networking Management || MCS-023, Introduction to Database Management System || MCS-024, Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming || MCSL-025, Lab (Based On MCS-021,022,023&024) MCA – III MCS-031, Design and Analysis Of Algorithms || MCS-032, Object Oriented Analysis and Design|| MCS-033, Advanced Discrete Mathematics || MCS-034, Software Engineering ||MCS-035, Accountancy and Financial Management || MCSL-036, Lab (Based On MCS-032, 034 & 035) MCA – IV MCS-041, Operating Systems || MCS-042, Data Communication & Computer Networks || MCS-043, Advanced Database Management Systems || MCS-044, Mini Project || MCSL-045, Lab (UNIX and ORACLE) MCA – V MCS-051, Advanced Internet Technologies || MCS-052, Principles of Management & Information Systems || MCS-053, Computer Graphics and Multimedia || MCSL-054, Lab (Based On MCS-051 & 053) || MCSE-003, Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management|| MCSE-004, Numerical And Statistical Computing || MCSE-011, Parallel Computing MCA – VI MCSP-060,project

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